5 artists to look out for


Sometimes music, like the radio hits, can get old. Music fanatics want to hear something different these days, from people we may not known even existed. I came up with a top five list of artists that I think should be checked out ASAP. I’m especially tired of the junk I hear on the radios, at the bars, and in the clubs. These five were the change up I needed. Do you have a five of your own?

5.  G Eazy


If you haven’t heard of him yet, you’re missing out! His early hits like “Runaround Sue” are what first got him recognized. His features on songs like “Bang Bang” and “I Aint Missin” caught my attention to the up and coming rapper. He recently just released his debut album, “These Things Happen,” for which he is now on tour. Check out his music on soundcloud and see if you agree with him making my must-listen-to list!

4. Breakfast.


A local band from Salisbury, Maryland, Breakfast.’s retro sound is refreshing to those who genuinely enjoy music. Because of their signature diversity, it would be unfair to categorize them in a specific genre of music. They’ve had shows in Annapolis, Baltimore, and all around the Eastern Shore area. Keeping an eye out for them is a must because you just may be missing out on what possibly could be your next favorite in-the-shower song.

3. Swish


Here’s another local artist, undoubtedly, to look out for. If you like hip hop, you’ll like him. He spits originality, and relatable lyrics. Everyone is trying to be a rap artist nowadays, but very few have actual talent. Swish hasn’t disappointed me yet, so here will he remain on my top five look-out-for artists. His recently released hit was “FWM”, but he also has a mixtape full of my personal favorites, “128.”

2. Marlee in the Mixx


Hands down my favorite band ever. You’ve never heard a flow like the one this bands brings. Their musicality is unbelieveable, and they have the rawest talent I’ve heard in a while. If you appreciate a little more to the soulful side of music, you’ll love them. My favorite song by them? Indigo. They too are touring different places after releasing their latest project, “The MIxxtape”

1. Kari Faux


No small talk. Kari Faux, by a landslide, made number one to this list. Most of us were first introduced to her through Childish Gambino and his latest mixtape “Stn Mtn.” He jumped on her track “No Small Talk” to spit some of his own original lines. I liked “No Small Talk” so much that I looked up the rest of her music. And the verdict is: she’s incredibly dope! The best female rapper I’ve heard since Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” days. Her flow is original and talent is unreal. My all-time favorite song from is “Gahdamn.” She hasn’t released anything new lately, but I would keep my eye out for this one if I were you.

Here’s a link to her mixtape


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