Video of Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward Incident

The sports world was shaken after word came out of upstate New York that NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart allegedly ran over a competitor during a sprint car race.

It is unknown whether the incident was intentional or not but expect some serious consequences for Stewart either from NASCAR, from law enforcement or both. This case is currently being investigated by police.

Here’s the backstory from USA Today Sports:

During a sprint car race at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park, driver Kevin Ward Jr. was spun out by Stewart, got out of his car to show his displeasure and then was struck by Stewart’s car, sending Ward sliding down the track, fellow sprint car racer Tyler Graves and witness Adam Dulski told USA TODAY Sports.

Deadspin has a timeline of everything that happened which will continue to be updated as more details come in.

UPDATE at 3:40 am: Kevin Ward has passed away. During an early morning press conference, an Ontario County sheriff announced that Ward was dead on arrival at the hospital. Ward was only 20 years old and his mom and dad had the misfortune of watching the tragedy take place right before their eyes as they were sitting in the stands.

According to reports, Stewart is still going to race in Sunday’s NASCAR race at Watkins Glen International Speedway. No arrest is impending at this time and NASCAR has not made any announcements about disciplinary action.

Unarmed 17-Year-Old Allegedly Shot By Police Ten Times In St. Louis

Ferguson shooting

Social media was abuzz late Saturday afternoon as reports began to surface that Mike Brown, a 17-year-old boy, was killed in Ferguson, Missouri near St. Louis. Witnesses say that police shot the unarmed individual at least 10 times.

The shooting occurred around 2:15 pm and immediately drew a crowd of hundreds who came out into the streets yelling obscenities and shouting “kill the police”.

Embedded image permalink
Mike Brown, the 17-year-old shot and killed by Ferguson Police

There are no details yet as to why the police were pursuing Brown. Some reports say that Brown possibly stole a Cigarello (also known as a “rello” which is a small type of cigar that is emptied of tobacco and typically filled with marijuana) or candy from a convenience store. Other reports say that he was walking home. The facts involving this situation are still very murky.

UPDATE: According to witness accounts, Brown was walking in the middle of the street before the shooting. He was walking to his grandmother’s house and even saw his grandmother pass him in her car just minutes earlier.

Brown had his hands up in the air when shots were fired. He was expected to begin college on Monday. The officer involved in this incident has been placed on administrative leave.

Another witness told that she saw the teenager with his hands up attempting to flee police after they tried to place him into their vehicle. As he ran from the scene, shots were fired.

As of 8pm on Saturday night, #Ferguson was trending on Twitter in the United States. The St. Louis County NAACP has already announced that they will be conducting their own investigation of what happened.

STLToday, the local area newspaper’s website, faced some social media controversy of their own after sending out the following tweet:

Fatal shooting by Ferguson police prompts mob reaction
“Ferguson police just executed an unarmed 17 yr old boy that was walking to the store. Shot him 10 times smh.” – @AyoMissDarkSkin
Embedded image permalink
“The mother of the boy killed in #Ferguson speaking to media about the loss of her son.” – @AntonioFrench
Embedded image permalink
Louis Head, step-father of the victim
Embedded image permalink
One alleged witness account.

MY TAKE: There are still more questions than answers. Most of the accounts we have from social media are very conflicting. The only facts which we are aware of for sure are that police shot a 17-year-old boy at least 10 times and killed him as a result of the conflict.

We still aren’t sure whether this individual threatened police or whether this individual was profiled for no reason. Before everyone causes a raucous, let’s learn the facts of this situation first.

With that being said if this is as bad as I think it is, there is no justification for what happened. Even if this individual was a shoplifter, it doesn’t make sense for police to involve weapons of any type. Why does a cop need to shoot a shoplifter 10 times? Why does a shoplifter even need to be shot once? Does the punishment fit the crime?


Beyonce And Jay Z Calling It Quits – What Happens To Blue Ivy?

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on the road with their “On The Run” Tour but sources close to the couple are saying that Bey and Jay are leading completely separate lives on the road and things have gotten so bad that the rest of the tour might be cancelled.

Recent rumors have swirled that Beyonce, 32 and Jay Z, 44 will split after their “On The Run” Tour concludes but their troubles have become so bad that the split could happen before the end of the tour.

A source close to the couple is telling media outlet that the couple allegedly stays as far away as possible from each other and don’t see one another until it’s time to perform.

Since the infamous elevator fight starring Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, 28, on May 5th, the Bey and Jay Z clan has experienced lots of drama including rumors of Jay cheating with Rachel Roy, 40, and Rihanna, 26. It sounds like Beyonce dissed her marriage in a new “Flawless” remix and has been reportedly looking for a new apartment in New York City.

Page Six claims:

They’re not just staying in different hotel rooms, but they have booked separate hotels, and they arrive separately to each show.

Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s team called an emergency meeting with the couple on July 31 to talk about their marriage and what a split implies. Their team is nervous that their joint and wildy successful tour won’t make it to it’s final show in Paris this September.

The couple has been in talks about doing a sit-down interview when they finally decide to split but a source from Page Six reports that Jay Z is not OK with that idea.

They’ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay’s been adamant that he doesn’t want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim.

The tour is worth a reported $100 million and HBO is set to broadcast the tour starting in September. If the couple splits, the future of Jay Z’s $550 million Beyonce’s $300 million net worth are up in the air, Page Six reports. A source revealed to the outlet that the couple has no prenup between them.


When they are on stage and on social media, Bey and Jay seem like the picture perfect couple especially with their 2-year-old Blue Ivy. The couple has been spotted vacationing and spending lots of family time with baby Blue.

Sources say that Beyonce doesn’t want to “give up” on her family and she made a pact with Jay Z that they wouldn’t put Blue Ivy through a divorce. However,  Beyonce  says there’s no way she’ll give Jay an open marriage.

Jay has reportedly planned a five-week getaway for Beyonce in between concert dates so they can work on their marriage.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z should give up on their marriage?

Dallas Jordan

Has Ariana Grande Already Moved On?

Ariana Grande is offically back on the market. The 21 year old pop princess, broke up with boyfriend Jai Brooks this weekend, becacuse he was too immature for her.

Ariana Grande Dating Big SeanSources from are revealing that Ariana might’ve already moved on, to an older and mature man. On August 3rd, Ariana was seen on a movie date with Big Sean, 26,  her frequent musical collaborator.

Twitter user @ArianaTodayNet posted the photo above with the caption: “Ariana Grande and Big Sean were at the movies last night”.

That would mean that Ariana and Big Sean went on their date before Ariana’s split went public. Maybe she wanted to break the news publically to her fans before she was accused of cheating on Jai with Big Sean.

Ariana and Big Sean have spent a lot of time together , he lent a verse to her song “Right There” from her first album “Yours Truly”, and he’ll be featured on her second album “My Everything” as well.

Furthermore, we know that he’s single! After his horrendous breakup with Glee star Naya Rivera, back in April. Naya recently said “I do” to actor Ryan Dorsey, just a few months after her breakup with Big Sean.

Ariana and Big Sean have not publically announced any kind of romance.

Dallas Jordan

What’s Happening With Israel and Hamas?

PHOTO: A map of Israel and its surrounding areas.
Courtesy: ABC News

Over the past couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard about a major conflict between Israel and a group known as Hamas.

But do you really know what’s going on? If not, we’re here to help! Here’s an explainer.

What is Israel? Israel is a country in the Middle East and is the world’s only Jewish-majority state.

What is Hamas? Hamas is a Palestinian organization which has governed over the Gaza Strip of Palestine after winning elections in 2007. They do not accept Israel as a real country and had recently formed a unifying government with Fatah, the group which governs over the West Bank. This conflict has put a hold on those plans.


Three Israeli teenagers killed. Courtesy: NBC News

June 12th – Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped while hitchhiking in the West Bank, which is one part of Palestine (the other part being Gaza which is one of the most densely packed parts of the world).

June 30th –  The teenagers were found dead and Israel accused Hamas of kidnapping and killing them. Hamas denied those accusations but that didn’t stop Israel from arresting members of the organization.

Palestinian teenager killed. Courtesy: SMH Australia

July 2nd – A Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and killed in retaliation which caused tensions to rise even further.

During this timeframe, rockets from Gaza and air strikes from Israel were fired back and forth between Israel’s armed forces and Hamas. It was the first time both sides fought each other in 2 years.

July 26th – Israeli police admit that Hamas was most likely not involved with the killing of three Israeli teenagers.

August 5th – After 1,865 deaths in Gaza  (mostly women and children) and 67 Israeli deaths (mostly troops), Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire which would last for 72 hours beginning today.

For more information, check out our sources at ABC News and The Washington Post.

The Big Bang Cast Earn Huge Raises


Nerds officially rule television!

The Big Bang Theory’s main trio–Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki have officially signed their contracts for three more seasons,at a reported salary of $1 million dollars per episode.

Creator Chuck Lorre spoke with E! News today in a statement saying:

Everybody should be very successful and happy and rich. They earned it. It’s a great cast. It’s their time.

The Big Bang Theory has become the most watched television show ever since Friends.

The star’s contracts include adding bonuses such as production deals and other advances. The show is expected to clear more than $1 billion dollars in profits for the upcoming 8-10 seasons (72 episodes).

Cuoco, Galecki and Parsons are expected to rake in about $90 million dollars each throughout the next three seasons.  Sources close to CBS say the show is even in talks for an 11th season.

But are Kaley, Jim and Johnny the highest paid actors on television? That is surprisingly false.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Judge Judy Sheindlin has taken the lead as the highest paid person on television, earning $47 million per year.

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS in September. Check your local listings for showtimes.

Dallas Jordan

Cinderella On Broadway Makes History By Casting It’s First African-American Cinderella

“Cinderella on Broadway” will be making history this September as it was just announced that an African-American actress will be 

Keke Palmer will make her stage debut in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella at the Broadway Theatre.taking over the title role as Cinderella. Producers Robyn Goodman, Jill Furman and Stephen Kocis announced this morning who would be taking over the role and it is none other than actress, talk show host, and recording artist Keke Palmer.

Palmer will make her Broadway debut on September 9th. At just 21 years old, Palmer has become the youngest actress to portray the role of Cinderella and the first African American actress to play the role on Broadway.

Producer Robyn Goodman said:

We are excited to have this multi-talented young actress/singer join our happy Cinderella family. She grew up in the Chicago acting community and definitely has musical theatre in her blood.

Ms. Palmer added:

I have an infinite amount of gratitude to show, I am thankful to be able to do this and excited for the discipline it will bring.

Palmer will be the first African-American actress to play the role on stage, but she is not the first African-American to play the role. In 1997, R&B singer Brandy was cast in a film adaption of Cinderella which also starred Whitney Houston, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg and others.

I wonder if Brandy will give Keke some tips on how to handle living with an evil stepmother?

This will also be Palmer’s stage debut, but her many film and television credits include Joyful Noise, Jump In, Masters of Sex, True Jackson VP, Law and Order SVU, Ice Age, Cold Case, 90210 and her recently developed talk show Just Keke.

Cinderella plays 8 shows a week at The Broadway Theater, where it officially opened on March 3, 2013. Cinderella received a Tony nomination for best revival at the 2013 Tony Awards.

Will you be buying tickets to see Keke as Cinderella?

Dallas Jordan

SoFloAntonio Strives For YouTube Greatness

by Jessie Karangu

The biggest goal for most rising sophomores in college is not to obtain 1 million subscribers on YouTube but University of Maryland business major Antonio Lievano is a different specimen.

His prank videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and a kissing prank which features a mixture of beautiful women and magic tricks is his most watched video with over 2 million views.

Although the South Florida native didn’t spill the beans of how he comes up with the ideas for his videos, he did fill us in on what it takes to be a successful YouTuber and a popular prankster.

Pulsefeedz: Who are you and what do you do?

SoFlo: I’m a regular person with dream and goals. I want to be successful.

What made you want to do pranks of your own? Who inspired you?

It seemed fun to do. Vitaly and Stuart Edge (two famous YouTube pranksters) inspired me to try out pranking.

What’s your biggest fear when you’re filming?

Getting punched, stabbed, and or killed.

Have you ever been threatened or in danger of being stabbed or killed while filming?

No, but it could’ve been close. It won’t be happening as I’m not doing dangerous pranks anymore.

Embedded image permalink
Courtesy: @SoFloAntonio on Twitter

Why not?

The reward is not worth the risk. My drugging girls prank was too crazy and the return was not worth it.

What do your parents think about what you do?

They don’t mind as long as I don’t get hurt or in trouble with the authorities.

How do we know your videos are real?

You can’t really know these days that easily, but with the camera angles and reactions you can tell. Most of the public can’t act well so you can see when they fake their reactions. Many prankers nowadays fake so much stuff and people like it.

What’s your response to accusations that your videos are staged?

It was supposed to have been revealed to have been staged anyways. Regardless a fake prank isn’t something to cry about. People like the reactions. They don’t care if it’s real. The mystery also is part of the love for pranks.

Has all of this fame gotten to your head or are you still able to remain humble? Be honest, lol.

Believe me it hasn’t gotten to my head, but I know people with less views, subs, fame etc., who think they’re above all.

What do you aim to accomplish by filming these videos?

Just fun and easy income. Also get to meet great people.

What is most misunderstood about what you do?

The fact that I don’t act like I do in my videos. Some require me to act weird or rude.

Do you foresee yourself pursuing your major once you graduate or solely going into YouTube?

I plan on being an entrepreneur. YouTube is a gateway to opportunities.

What question should I be asking you? 

You know what’s a good question? “What do you think of the people that trash talk what you do?”

The answer is?

The answer to that is I don’t care. Most of them are guys. They think I’m a tool and I get things without working hard and don’t appreciate it.

The truth is it’s difficult. I don’t even truly enjoy kissing pranks. I simply do them because people like them and it gets the views.

People make assumptions of me without meeting me, but it’s a part of being known. People will talk. Good or bad.

Is this backlash usually in your face or just on social media? And do people you don’t know recognize you around campus?

Usually on social media. The people who meet me and talk trash after they get to know me usually they change their minds.

Those who don’t talk to me and have misconceptions keep them until they talk to me. No way for me to disprove that.

Embedded image permalink
SoFloAntonio also occasionally chats with fans on live streaming service YouNow

What have you learned?

I have learned being well-known has it’s difficulties.

If you were in the dictionary, what would the definition be?

I’m defined by my hard work and desire for success.

Hard working. Passionate. Happy.

What’s your advice to other aspiring YouTube pranksters?

Be yourself. Keep your brand a personality. YouTube sells your personality when you don’t act as a character.

So the worst part about what you do is what comes with being well-known? Or is there something else?

Being well-known is mostly a positive thing. The worst thing are the World Star Hip Hop fans. I had a random person try to start a fight to get on WorldStar. Idk what he was doing. Haha.

Oh wow, lol. He just walked up to you and started pushing you around? Where was this?

No. He was asking if I was in a gang in slang terms. I have no idea. It’s on camera, but I don’t care to use the footage. The footage is poor and we were filming videos in Santa Monica, California.

Do you think the Multi Channel Network system on YouTube is fair? Are you signed with anyone? Could you survive without your MCN? (MCNs are networks on YouTube that help sell advertising for your YouTube channel, distribute your videos and take a cut from your earnings)

I’m with OmniaMedia and I intern with them. MCN’s are good if you have the right manager and MCN. It’s mostly fair for big users.

Has being on social media affected your social skills? It has for me to a degree.

Nah social media is different. I’m better in real life.

What will be the pinnacle of your success on YouTube?

1 million subs on one channel. Right now, I have 500,000 subscribers over 3 different channels.

Phaedra Parks Takes Time Off From Filming Season 7 – Find Out Why!

Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida

Fans of the Bravo hit show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, might be seeing a little less of Phaedra Parks next season.

The self proclaimed “Southern Belle” has gone through a lot within the past few weeks, with her husband Apolla Nida being sentenced to eight years in prison. The sentence comes after he pleaded guilty to identity theft and bank fraud back in May.

A source close to E! News says that Phaedra is taking a few weeks off from filming Season 7 of the show, to focus on her family. The source also confirmed that within the past few months, the couple’s marriage has been on the rocks.

He has not been showing her the same respect, he’s been filming a lot. He’s been out and about and trying to be seen as much as possible before he goes to jail. Right now, he’s not exactly sure when that will be so he’s living it up while he can.

RHOA, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

The Real Housewives of Atlanta began filming it’s seventh season earlier this summer with Phaedra, Kandi, NeNe, Kenya, Porsha and Cynthia all returning. Last season the show saw record ratings, making it one of the highest rated shows in Bravo’s history.

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is set to premiere in November!

- Dallas Jordan

Kerry Washington Says Goodbye To Scandal


Talk about changes!

The hit show Scandal will be seeing some major changes in it’s upcoming season, starting with it’s main star. Actress Kerry Washington will not be returning to the 4th season after refusing a pay decrease. Washington, allegedly made $300,000 during season 3, but with an increase of production costs, Washington was asked to take a pay decrease. Washington will be replaced by Meagan Good, who is known for her roles in blockbuster hits such as “Think Like a Man”.

Meagan is not the strongest actress in Hollywood, but what she lacks in acting she makes up in sex appeal. The creators of the show believe that Meagan will bring in a larger male demographic to an already female driven show.

Fans of the show have already been taking to social media saying they will not support the show anymore and will tune into Scandal’s rival shows “Being Mary Jane” and “The Game” instead.

Just kidding, this story is just a fun fabrication……I hope you had a good laugh! Season 4 of Scandal starring Kerry Washington premieres September 25th, on ABC.

- Dallas Jordan


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