H7 Causes Hysteria At North Campus Diner


With just a couple of tweets as well as word-of-mouth, DnT Brand’s annual Halloween party once again took the University of Maryland’s campus by storm on Monday night.

Students try to enter a room inside of North Campus Diner as organizers prepare to sell tickets.
Students try to enter a room inside of North Campus Diner as organizers prepare to sell tickets.

A multitude of students waited anxiously at North Campus Diner as members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. walked in alongside Duane Wallace and Thomas Dawson of DnT Brand with tickets to one of the year’s most anticipated events.

The group of students packed an extremely constricted space and caused so much commotion that campus officials forced organizers to move their ticket sales elsewhere. Continue reading

Picture Slideshow From UMD’s Homecoming Step Show

Last Thursday night, the University of Maryland’s National Pan-Hellenic Council held a step show in celebration of homecoming.

Participating groups included: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Below is a picture slideshow from the events which transpired.

UMD College Democrats Host Panel on Women in Politics

The panelists ready themselves for discussion as a member of College Democrats introduce the women chosen to speak.


As of this year, women hold 18.5 percent of seats out of 535 in the House and 20 percent of the 100 seats in the Senate.

So why are the numbers so low?

Last Tuesday, a panel hosted by College Democrats convened to discuss why women hardly run for office, why it’s essential to have a more equal ratio and why women face discouragement. Continue reading

Man Shot at College Park McDonalds

A woman was shot by a security guard at McDonalds in College Park, located at 8301 Baltimore Ave, according to University of Maryland Police.

A fight broke out between a group of male individuals and the security guard. The guard used pepper spray to end the fight and fired one shot which hit the female unintentionally.

The victim was transported to a hospital but is not suffering any life-threatening injuries. If you know any individuals involved you’re urged to call police at 301-772-4908.

Ferguson, Missouri: Two Months Later

Courtesy: Ferguson October


Two months after the shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson’s story is still unfolding – so where does the community stand now?

Today, 66 days after the tragic shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown sent shock waves throughout the nation, the teenager’s community in Ferguson, Missouri continues to rally in support of his family and against the local police force responsible for his death.

The incident occurred August 9th, when Brown was apprehended by Officer Darren Wilson for “walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic,” according to CNN and police chief Thomas Jackson. After what has been described as a violent struggle between the teenager and the officer, Wilson withdrew his gun and fatally shot Brown, an action that has yet to be ruled upon in terms of its legal justification.

Courtesy: Ferguson October

Members of the Ferguson community, as well as thousands of other U.S citizens, are still expressing their outrage regarding Brown’s murder and their opinions on racism within the police force.

Dozens of protests have been sparked and subsequently shut down, as supporters have gathered on the site of the shooting, outside the police station, in front of local businesses, and in the middle of the streets; leading to multiple arrests and even a tear-gas incident. These protests, two months later, have yet to cease.

In fact, it seems the rallies had only just begun, as this past Friday marked the first day of “Ferguson October,” the four-day series of civil disobedience and resistance to demand Wilson’s arrest.

Hundreds of protestors congregated on the steps of the Ferguson police station for four hours on Monday – even in the face of torrential downpour – in order to represent how long Brown’s body had been left in the street after he was shot. Throughout the 4 days of protesting, which were comprised of demonstrations at the police station, at local universities, shopping centers, and City Hall, over 50 protestors were arrested, according to the Associated Press.

Clearly, the small Missouri town is not one that concedes easily. Brown’s mother and father, Lesley and Michael, Sr., have issued statements calling for both peace and justice, maintaining that the latter would only be present in the form of Darren Wilson’s arrest. Whether or not the family will obtain the justice they and the rest of their community are fighting for is to be determined, as the entire nation awaits the decision of the case’s grand jury with bated breath.

(Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)

Homecoming Juke Joint Review – And My Personal Favorites



This year’s Homecoming Juke Joint got off to a quick start, with students and alumni flooding in the doors starting at 7:15. The Grand Ballroom of Stamp was quickly packed with only standing room available when neo-soul band Marlee in the Mixx began its set.

Monday’s Juke Joint was hosted by the class of 2014 alum duo Morgan JL of Philly’s Good Girl, and the ‘tatted and employed’ Wendell “DJ” Alston, who were the perfect pair to get the crowd hype and ready to enjoy the talent of UMD.

Hosts of the event pose for the camera (Jessie Karangu/Pulsefeedz)
Hosts of the event pose for the camera (Jessie Karangu/Pulsefeedz)

Several resident dance teams like Dynamics, Phunktions and Prima Dolls performed, along with The Echelon Fashion Society. But the real point of the event was to showcase some of the hidden, or not so hidden artists on campus. The crowd was wowed by favorites Ashley Lyles and O-Slice, but many new faces got an opportunity to expand their fan base as well. Continue reading


NFL Week 6 Fantasy Winners and Losers


All good things must come to end, like my four-game winning streak. I lost to a girl who doesn’t know much about fantasy football, but has a pretty decent team. My team was bad this week, but she turned in a good effort. So congratulations Lauren, you are on my list of winners this week. I am still in first place and the highest scoring team in the league, so this loss won’t kill me. As for the players, here are the winners and losers:


Courtesy: Baltimore Sun

Winners: Joe Flacco and Tom Brady

The Ravens and the Patriots are both firing on all cylinders after very impressive Week 6 performances. Joe Flacco was the highest scoring QB this week with 53.3 points. Flacco went 21-29 for 306 yards and FIVE touchdown passes.

  • All five TD passes came within the first 17 minutes of the game, making it the fastest to five passing touchdowns since the AFL-NFL merger according to ESPN.
  • All five of Flacco’s TD passes went to wide receivers, with Torrey Smith catching two.

The Ravens host the Falcons in Week 7. The Falcons were torched for 381 passing yards against the Bears.

Tom Brady does what Tom Brady does best; shut up the critics. Two weeks removed from the massacre at the hands of Kansas City, Brady has thrown for 653 yards with six touchdowns and zero interceptions. Brady seems to be back in elite form.

Brady is not surrounded by the talent of his earlier days, but you wouldn’t know that by the way he is playing. Brady is playing on a bum ankle ahead of Thursday night’s clash with the New York Jets. Any New England resident should feel comfortable with Brady playing though, because if there is something Massachusetts athletes know how to do, it’s excelling with ankle problems. Continue reading

In case you missed Homecoming Juke Joint… (Video and Pictures)


…..which you probably didn’t because it was one of the “livest” and most packed events of the semester!

Here are some of our favorite performances and pictures from the show!

UMD Phunktions Performance (Snippet)

One of our favorite singers (who I recently profiled) Ashley Lyles also performed…

Poet Kosi Dunn performed two poems. Here’s a snippet of one and the full version of another…

Here are some pictures from Monday night’s festivities:

Photos Courtesy of: Jessie Karangu and Lauryn Froneberger

Look out for a review from our very own Breana Bacon!

D-Cal Releases His Official EP, “Hunger Pains” (Interview and Mixtape)



University of Maryland’s very own D-Cal has released a brand new EP known as “Hunger Pains.” We talked to the native of Baltimore about the mixtape and what he lives by.

Tell me how this is different from what you’ve done in the past?

The biggest difference between Hunger Pains and anything I put out was my willingness to open up about my personal life. Growing up in the 90’s every rapper was “hard” and untouchable.

In my neighborhood, we all behaved hard and untouchable. That mentality stuck with me and the way I recorded, so I always bottled up any emotion that wasn’t anger, which left me pretty f***ed up internally. Now, I accept myself and my flaws.

Embedded image permalink
D-Cal performs for University of Maryland students as an opening act at Art Attack last spring (Jessie Karangu/Pulsefeedz)

Can you be humble and hungry?

You can completely be humble and hungry. I actually think that’s the only way to obtain and maintain success. You’ve always gotta want more, but you can’t neglect the fact that no matter what you achieve, you’re still a human and still vulnerable.

Even at your highest point of success, taking it for granted will destroy you. Hunger is like……the spark to all revolutions both on a massive scale and internally. The world revolves around no one.

If you don’t want something bad enough, you’re running the risk of losing it to someone who does.

Your EP will feature some riffs from the 90s, what made that era of music so great and what can you learn from it to improve your music?

The 90’s will always be my favorite era in Hip-Hop because the game wasn’t (completely) whored out. Artists were competitive and actually had a certain level of talent.

Producers didn’t recreate the same beat 20 times and it was ok to try new styles. As much as I say artists never wanted to look weak, Hip-Hop as a whole thrived on being different. It’s all about fitting in now.

Not only do most rappers spit bullsh*t, it’s the same kind of bullsh*t. No variation in the bullsh*t. Just sh*t. From the same bull.


Fame or fortune?

Fortune. No use in being known without anything to show for it. I don’t really like certain types of attention.

What are three adjectives that describe you?

Driven, Insane, Forward-Thinker

At the end of the day, what mark do you want to leave? Whether it’s in music or society.

When I’m gone, I want to be remembered as the man that made the best out of an awful situation and helped others do the same.

A man that lived by his own accord. A man that lived by his moral code and didn’t give a quarter of a f**k how anyone felt about it.

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