Black Friday Tips


Black Friday starts earlier and earlier each year. At some stores it begins as soon as the Thanksgiving plates are cleared. Lines at stores start forming at ungodly hours before the sun rises. Not my kinda fun. But there are people who live for this. If you aren’t one of those people but still want to experience the wonderful sales of Black Friday, you’re gonna want some tips…

Black Friday Meme
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1. Have a game plan.

With many stores and only so much energy to expend, you will need to have a list of the things you want to accomplish. You should know what stores you want to go to and how to get to them, what you want to buy, and how much you want spend. This means taking the time to look-up the deals your favorite store will be having. Knowing what you want will help you avoid pointless crowds, although those are everywhere. Continue reading Black Friday Tips

Students Release Their Insecurities with the Black Student Union


With the stress of the school year reigning over students at the University of Maryland, things like personal insecurities and doubts begin to pile up. Not often do university clubs and organizations provide resources for students to find the good in themselves. In fact, many students are constantly overburdened by their personal conflicts that continue to weigh them down.

University of Maryland’s Jazmyn White, President of the Black Student Union says at times like this students need to love themselves more than anything. This prompting White to plan an event where students can write down their insecurities and doubts on sheets of paper, tie them to balloons and release them both figuratively and literally.

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Beyonce Releases 7/11 Video



As of this morning, two new songs from Beyonce Platinum Edition were released. And what better way to start of your Friday morning than a new dance anthem from the Queen? Beyonce not only dropped 7/11 and Ring Off but what appears to be a homemade collage of videos for 7/11 has been added to her YouTube Channel.

Beyonce has not only continually surprised her fans since her unexpected album Beyonce last year around this time but it appears Mrs. Carter plans on taking things solely on her own. Each time Beyonce does not let her fans down as she shocks the world with something else. Continue reading Beyonce Releases 7/11 Video

My First Play at CSPAC


Courtesy: The Clarice

I’d never been to any sort of show at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. I figured I’d go at some point in time during my four years here and my chance came this semester. My Engl289X class required that we attend a showing of Callidescope: Adventures in Pre- and Post-Racial America. The course itself centers on contemporary literature drawing on themes of oppression and memory. That is why it didn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the show we would become required to watch tied into both these themes. Though, what did come as a surprise is how much thought and emotion this play would provoke.

Callidescope shows the audience periods in American history that reverberated the oppression of not only African Americans but of Muslims, children and those who spoke against the majority. It was moving. It was jarring. It was real.

A specific scene that captured the attention of audience members intertwined child abuse, racism and infidelity all in one. A struggling African-American family looks to their patriarch as the source of income and stability. He has just been let go from his recent job and upon reading the newspaper, he notices a job advertisement. The job is strictly for woman but he convinces himself to dress as a woman.

The house in this production belongs to a white middle class family. As the play uncoils, the wife knows of her husband’s pattern of seducing the maid, the father has an obvious drinking problem and the child is left to witness it all.

Callidescope sheds light on historical violence and prejudice. There are scenes from Paul Robeson’s testimony before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and an incredibly powerful performance of James Baldwin’s speech at the West Indian Student Centre in London that close the show and ultimately sent audience members to their feet with roaring applause because it hit to the core of how culture and surrounding influences one’s identity.

“When you try to stand up and look the world in the face like you had a right to be here…without knowing that this is the result of if, you have attacked the entire power structure of the western world.” -James Baldwin.

Scandal Review: Winter Finale – Where The Sun Don’t Shine


I will spare you all the formal greeting this week because if you’re anything like me, I’m sure that your stress levels have met entirely new heights. I am completely mind blown, befuddled, flabbergasted, and just outright dismayed at last night’s season finale. I tried my absolute best to spend my last hours before Scandal doing things that I would enjoy because I knew at 9:00 and one second, Shonda was going to slay my entire existence.


As usual, I was right and once again, Shonda has snatched our souls out of our chests and there is NOTHING we can do about it. I tweeted her about it, she didn’t care. I still believe she blocked me.

Let us at least attempt to remain calm while we debrief, okay?

First off, the calmness of Liv when they searched B-613 headquarters and found her mother and brought her in. Her ability to hold a straight face. UNBELIEVABLE. I would like to just add that there are so many people on this show that have lost their minds when it comes to Liv and that becomes especially clear when her mother is taken into custody and has the NERVE to say “My daughter is here, Olivia Pope is here. Handle them, Livy. EXCUSE ME, WHAT? You try to murder her boyfriend, you killed her best friend’s girlfriend AND you tried to kill her father– but you want her to handle them for you? In the words of my girl Tamar:

photo Continue reading Scandal Review: Winter Finale – Where The Sun Don’t Shine

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Winners and Losers


With another win in Week 11, I have officially clinched a playoff spot. I am currently sitting as the second-place team to a girl who has no real clue what she is doing. Unfortunately for her, she lost Ahmad Bradshaw. On the field, some bad player performances turned into their last. Here are the Week 11 winners and losers.


Courtesy: ESPN

Winner: Aaron Rodgers (GB) 44.3 points:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the MVP for the 2014 season: Aaron Rodgers. He is simply the best player in the league this year and it’s not really that close. After throwing for 341 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles, Rodgers now has 28 touchdowns on the season, to only three interceptions. Rodgers has made Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb both deserving of new contracts. Obviously start Rodgers next week against the Minnesota Vikings, but be advised that Minnesota has given up the 10th fewest points to opposing quarterbacks this season. Continue reading NFL Week 11 Fantasy Winners and Losers

Sexual Assault Allegations of Bill Cosby Reinforces Stigma (Opinion)



This past week, sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby have reignited after nearly a decade of women coming forward and telling their stories. With recent changes to Maryland’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures along with increased reports of sexual offenses, the topic of sexual assault has not gone away. Instead in the case of Bill Cosby, the stigma of sexual assault is seen even clearer.

“A girlfriend took me to a lawyer, but he accused me of making the story up,” stated Barbara Bowman in her editorial piece to the public titled, “Billy Cosby Raped Me. Why Did It Take 13 Years For People to Believe My Story?”

Bowman, who was an 18-year-old actress at the time of the assaults, continues her story saying that four years later she was laughed at by a lawyer after requesting to discuss legal action.

It is hard enough for victims to report abuse but experiencing disbelief from others showcases the stigma we have in America when it comes to sexual assault allegations.

“While I am grateful for the new attention to Cosby’s crimes, I must ask my own questions,” Bowman said in the article, “Why wasn’t I believed? Why didn’t I get the same reaction of shock and revulsion when I originally reported it?”

Her questions raise a controversial point. What is necessary for someone’s story to be taken seriously? If the response to allegations is more traumatic than the actual act, then doesn’t that say something about how we treat sexual assault? Continue reading Sexual Assault Allegations of Bill Cosby Reinforces Stigma (Opinion)

How will Bill Cosby be remembered in wake of recent rape charges? (OPINION)


In recent weeks, rape and molestation allegations against one of America’s favorite comedians, Bill Cosby, have emerged once again after being at rest for nearly a decade.

The allegations, which suggest that Cosby drugged and raped over ten women beginning in the 1970s, were brought to the spotlight after comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist in a stand-up act this past October in Philadelphia.

Videos of the act went viral, and in the weeks since, accounts by multiple women have been published in The Washington Post and on the website Hollywood Express, reaffirming stories that were published in Newsweek in February of this year. No criminal charges have been pressed against Cosby, and he has continuously denied all allegations, leaving the allegations unconfirmed and the truth vague.

Click here for Time Magazine‘s full timeline of Cosby’s rape charges.

For those who were previously unaware of these allegations, I’m sure you are as shocked, betrayed, and disgusted as I was. While it is likely that they will never be confirmed, the accusations will certainly tarnish Cosby’s reputation, especially for a man who is at the end of his career and fading from the spotlight that he held so prominently in the 80s and 90s when he starred as Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show.

Bill Cosby was a man that I watched endlessly as a little kid, listening to his stand-up acts because he was one of the few that could make people laugh without the use of obscenity or profanity. To hear that he is an alleged rapist, and to read the graphic descriptions given by multiple victims of when they were as young as 18 years old, has put me in a confused state of mind where I truly do not know what to believe. Upon being asked to write an article about the recent allegations, I began to think of other celebrities who have seen similar accusations and how these accusations, though unconfirmed, effected their reputations.

Specifically, I’ve decided to reflect on the accusations made against and the reputations of Kobe Bryant, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Ben Roethlisberger, using their reputations today to determine how these recent accusations will effect Bill Cosby and his legacy. Continue reading How will Bill Cosby be remembered in wake of recent rape charges? (OPINION)

Fans Respond To The Lifetime Biopic Aayliah: The Princess Of R&B


Last weekend Lifetime premiered their highly anticipated biopic “Aayliah: The Princess of R&B” and fans were not too thrilled with the results.

Based on the book Aaliyah: More Than a Woman by Christopher Farley, the film told the story of the late singer and her rise to fame. The film exposed all the twists and turns she encountered on her way to the top.

Music producer Timbaland, who worked closely with the singer prior to her tragic death in 2001, voiced his disapproval of the film on Twitter and Instagram, calling the movie “bulls–t” and urging fans not to tune in.

“This is why people should never remake movies. Bulls–t happens,” he vented. “Now you have to deal with the consequences from me, Timbo, and the family…”

Fans of the film say that the casting of the Missy Elliot and Timbaland roles were completely wrong. Using the hashtags #Aayliah and #LifetimeBiopic fans voiced their opinions of the film throughout the night. Continue reading Fans Respond To The Lifetime Biopic Aayliah: The Princess Of R&B

Quitting Is Never An Option (Opinion)


I was about 10 or 11 years old, when I finally understood what Euthanasia meant. I remember sitting in class that day when my biology teacher walked in and wrote the word on the chalkboard. He then turned around and asked the class “Who knows what this term means?” We all just stared at him, absolutely clueless.  When no one raised their hand, he went on to explain what it meant, then he said; “A doctor tells a cancer patient they cannot be cured, and they only have a few weeks before the Cancer takes their life. The patient asks the doctor to euthanize him/her. You are the Doctor, what would you do?” I knew my answer before he had even finished asking the question. “No”

This same question has surfaced, following the recent death of Brittany Maynard, who ended her life after finding out she had a terminal brain tumor, and only six months to live. Under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, she asked her doctor to give her a lethal dose of Bariturates, which she took on November 1.

Courtesy: NBC News

Continue reading Quitting Is Never An Option (Opinion)

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